Cardiac Surgery Research Program

Cardiac Surgery Research Ambassadorship

Mentoring the next generation of clinical researchers and healthcare professionals

Welcome to the Cardiac Surgery Research Program!

Our program was established in 2017 by Dr. Val Jeevanandam and Dr. Pamela Combs, with the aim to further the medical center’s cardiac surgery research initiative through mentorship and interdisciplinary involvement.

This unique program presents student ambassadors with an opportunity to work on numerous projects in clinical research settings while actively receiving guidance and mentorship from multi-disciplinary team members. Additionally, peer-to-peer mentorship between students is heavily emphasized and encouraged.

At the Forefront of Research

Our Ambassadorship Program directly contributes to the research initiative at the Section of Cardiac Surgery through student involvement and mentorship. 

News and Updates

Progress in Transplantation Journal Publication

Progress in Transplantation Journal Publication

Congratulations to Karen Meehan, Anu Suresh, Dr. Combs, and Dr. Jeevanandam for their recent publication in the Progress in Transplantation Journal! Read the entire manuscript here: An International Study on Ventricular Assist Device Program Models  ...

Research Students Receive Clinical Research Certifications!

Research Students Receive Clinical Research Certifications!

Congratulations to research students Jennifer Cruz, Ryan Hoang, and Kelli Hu on receiving their Fundamentals of Clinical Research Certification! The University of Chicago Medicine and Biological Sciences Office of Clinical Research awards this certification to...