Cardiac Surgery Research Program

About Us

Interdisciplinary Program

The University of Chicago Cardiac Surgery Ambassadorship Program aims to further the University of Chicago Medical Center’s cardiac research initiative through leadership and collaboration across disciplines. Student ambassadors work on numerous projects in clinical research settings and actively receive guidance and mentorship from multi-disciplinary team members including:

Program mentors facilitate relationship building between their students and their colleagues, while also encouraging independent learning in research. Additionally, our program champions personal and professional development of student ambassadors through:


Mentorship Matters

Our program’s mentorship model encourages students to become leaders, independent thinkers, and problem solvers. 

Mentorship Philosophy

Our unique approach to mentorship has led to the growth of UCMC’s cardiac surgery research initiative while also contributing to the effective mentorship of the next generation of leaders in clinical research and healthcare. Students work side-by-side with surgeons, clinical researchers, and other program mentors on numerous projects. Once students become experienced and fully embedded into the program, they are expected to lead and mentor newer students.

Student Achievements


Completed training sessions from the office of clinical research


Authored an abstract, manuscript and/or presented at a conference


Shadowed a physician in clinic and/or on the floor of ICU


Observed a heart transplant, lung transplant, and/or other surgery

*most students who have not yet shadowed a physician or observed a surgery were not able to due to COVID-19 restrictions