Cardiac Surgery Research Program

Cardiothoracic Transplantation

Heart and Lung Transplants

UChicago Medicine’s team of heart and lung transplant experts have strengths in diverse fields and are pioneers in transplantation on both a national and international level. As a part of the Cardiac Surgery Research Ambassadorship Program, students have the opportunity to work closely with these experts and receive a wide range of exposure to the heart and lung transplantation process. Additionally, students work on transplantation related research studies, observe transplant procedures, and shadow transplant surgeons and team members in both clinic and the operating room. 

Procurement Runs

On occasion, students have the chance to join the heart and lung transplant team on procurement runs. This special opportunity allows students to observe the organ recovery process from start to finish and gives them further insight into the unique field of cardiothoracic surgery transplantation. Curious about what it’s like to recover a pair of lungs for transplantation? Check out the video below!

Video filmed and created by Kelli Hu (senior ambassadorship program student, Summer 2021)

In the Press

UChicago Medicine performs world’s first back-to-back triple-organ transplants

In 2019, UChicago Medicine physicians made history after performing two triple-organ transplants within 27 hours, replacing the failing hearts, livers, and kidneys of Sarah McPharlin and Daru Smith. The two surgeries, which lasted more than 17 and 20 hours each from Dec. 19 to 21, were performed by a team at the University of Chicago Medicine (including Cardiac Surgery Ambassadorship Mentor and Chief of Cardiac Surgery, Dr. Jeevanandam). According to federal statistics, this marked the first time a U.S. hospital has ever performed more than one of these complex procedures within one year, much less within 27 hours. These cases are the 16th and 17th time this type of triple-organ transplant has been performed in this country. 

Triple-organ transplant patient, Sarah McPharlin, hugs heart transplant surgeon, Valluvan Jeevanandam.

Sara and Daru, triple-organ transplant patients high-fiving and walking together.